In any process, there are multiple steps that get you to the end result.  Each step is somewhat independent of the others, yet they are linked and dependent on the completion of prior steps.  It reminds me of the Waterfall Methodology in Project Management.

Many people talk about the “Sales Process”, and they frame it as it is independent of ALL other processes a company goes through – In my humble opinion, that is NOT TRUE.  “Sales” depends on ALL other departments (R&D, Implementation, Support …) to be successful as there will be no “Sale” without strong product, successful implementations, happy Customers and references while ALL other departments depend on Sales so businesses can survive and grow.

As a Sales Rep, is “your sale done when a contract is executed”?  The answer may vary depending on the type of sales approach you use as a Sales Rep.

I personally believe the sales process should never ends with an executed contract.